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Visit any of the below officers either in Greece or abroad with all the required documents.
For the Attica and Thessaloniki districts of the Department of Security of the place of residence of the person concerned.
For the rest of the country in the Sub-Division or Security Department of the place of residence of the person concerned.
Where such Services do not work, ID cards are issued by the Police Department, at the place of residence of the person concerned.
Abroad application visit embassy/consulate (in Germany or Cyprus only)
Request for a Greek ID Card application form and fill it correctly
Fill out and sign a disclosure (statement of facts) stating your intention to secure an identity card or the presence of a witness will be required and pay the stamp fees.
Submit them with the required documents to the attending officer who will verify them.
The attending officer will then take your biometric information i.e. (fingerprints) if applicable and will process your information.
If all the information is correct you will be issued with the identity card the same day or a few days later.
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Two recent black & white photos (for ID) measuring 3.6 * 3.6 cm.
Application – Solemn Statement, on the ex officio search of the applicant’s data, from the Integrated Information System of the National Population Register (OCPED) of the Ministry of the Interior, printed and available to the applicant in printed form for signature. The process of searching the data through the (UCITS) does not apply in the following cases:
The municipality in whose registries the applicant is registered does not have Internet access services in the Integrated Information System of National Population (OCPED) and
It is not possible to interconnect the access to the Integrated Information System of National Population (POPs) of the municipality in the municipalities, to which the applicant is registered.
Application for an identity card to be completed by the issuing competent authority on the basis of the identity of the person concerned, as evidenced by the Integrated Domestic Information System of the Ministry of the Interior or by the birth certificate. The application shall be printed and made available to the applicant in hard copy for signature.
Certification of the Nursing or Sanitary Laboratory for the Blood Group and RHESUS (if you wish to be listed on your card).
A travel document or any other document of a domestic or foreign authority that gives the previous entry of the “SURNAME, NAME AND NAME” of the interested persons, in roman characters (if you wish to have the above-mentioned elements different from the ELOT 743 standard, while submitting responsible statement).
For the issuance of the identity card, it is necessary to certify the applicant’s evidence from a witness. In the case of a minor, it is certified by a parent or by his or her guardian or guardian.

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